Sailing on the Adriatic

Croatia has one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe, with more than a thousand islands, each differently. Special in its own way. Many of them are inhabited but each is distinctive, with its own story and destiny.

The first trip to the Adriatic coast and islands is a journey into the unknown. Each next trip will be return to the already familiar beauty of this country, always different but equally fascinating. Familiarize yourself with the possibility of sailing the Adriatic as well as the most beautiful routes for sailing and the basic nautical informations.

Indentation of the Croatian coast (Croatian coast indentation index is 11) along with a large number of islands is one of the main advantages for the development of nautical tourism. Our coast is high, steep and rocky area that has a special charm. Immediately following the coast, the mountain ranges rise Učka, Velebit, Svilaja, Kozjak, Mosor and Biokovo.

Šibenski arhipelag Besides the geographical advantages of the Croatian coast, interesting and important is to examine how the capacity for the reception of vessels stationed along the Croatian coast. Of 363 ports, harbors, anchorages and marinas, Kvarner, Zadar and Dubrovnik containing 60% of them. However, due mainly to the National Park Kornati, the most attractive is Sibenik archipelago (see picture), followed by visits to Istria (which is generally a higher attendance of tourists) and the Zadar region (nautical tourists, this area is particularly interesting because of the large number of islands).

Kornati is the thickest archipelago on the entire Mediterrenian sea, situated in the middle part of Croatian Adriatic. Aechipelago is divided into two groups of islands: Lower Kornati and Upper Kornati. Out of 152 islands, 89 have been, because of their exceptional beauty, indentedness and rich sea flora and fauna, pronounced National park in year 1890. All this confirms the jagged this area. These are qualities that are looking for boaters and because this area is interesting for sailors in the Adriatic Sea. The attractiveness of this area is confirmed by larger and more pronounced increase in the number of sailors on Kornati compared with the rest of the coast.

kormilo2Our coastline is host to numerous national and international sailors who come to explore the coast which they say is the most interesting and most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Those skilled in navigation and sailing adventure will be addressed individually, but for those who are not confident in his ability to control the boat, it is recommended to hire crew or skipper. You do not have any sailing experience, and have a desire to enter into a sailing school where you will acquire knowledge of basic sailing, sail aerodynamics, navigation, collision avoidance at sea, safety and related matters.

 On the following pages, we bring you some of the most interesting routes for sailing yachts in the Adriatic. Source: yachtcharter-croatia

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