The MURTER INN – The Start of Great Memories

Enjoyable vacations always include a place you immediately start to call home. Many MURTER INN guests start calling it their home away from home and many stay with us regularly.
The MURTER INN is safe, clean and comfortable. It is a wonderful place to return to, after a day filled with adventurous excursions, swimming or relaxing at the many nearby beaches. Its panoramic views offer a wonderful vantage point from which to watch the sunrise or sunset, and its comfortable balconies are ideal to unwind while watching the beauty that surrounds you.

We have five comfortable apartments and, subject to availability, you can choose from four 2+2 apartments (2 adults and 2 youth) in A2, A3, A4 and A5 and a 2+1 apartment (2 adults and 1 youth) in A6. All apartments have kitchens equipped with stove, fridge, basic crockery and cutlery for the maximum guest capacity of the apartment. All the apartments are also equipped with satellite TV, Internet and air conditioning.

Ideal for larger families and families vacationing together, the MURTER INN also has a large common terrace and stone barbecue for your family gatherings and special occasions.


Price (Prices are in € and do not include taxes* and are based on a double occupancy** staying for a minimum of three nights***)
June and September Apartments A2-A5 55,00**
Apartment A6 50,00**
July and August Apartments A2-A5


Apartment A6 60,00**


*    There is an additional € 1 per person/day Municipal Accommodation Tax, added to (above and beyond) the rental cost.

**  There is an additional fee of € 5 for each additional person in apartment, beyond the first two (double occupancy). Each apartment is a separate housing unit for a defined number of persons / beds. The available beds in the apartment determine the maximum number of guests allowable. Bookings cannot exceed this maximum. Any person older than three years of age is considered a guest in calculating the maximum guests allowable per unit.

*** The prices listed above are our reduced rates and apply only to stays of three nights or more. If you want to stay for less than three nights, the above prices are increased by 30%.

Check-in and Check-out times

Apartments are available from 15:00h (3:00 pm) on the day of arrival. Check-out is required by 10h (10:00 am) on the last day of use. Guests are required to check-in with the landlord.

Reservations and Cancellations


Specific dates can be reserved subject to a deposit being paid in advance. The deposit must be the greater of 30% of the total rental amount or, the total charge for three nights stay.

Long Term Rentals

1) For cancellations 8 to 30 days before the first day of the reservation, the Murter Inn will refund the amount of the deposit less the service and administration costs of € 50.

2) For cancellations less than 7 days before the first day of the reserved date, there is NO REFUND.

Long Term Rentals

On sabbatical or just need a place to decompress for a while? Upon request, for guests wishing to spend more time with us, we can make arrangements for longer-term rentals.

For further information, please contact us.

Additional information